Gorgeous, beautiful, perfect…

Photo by Arren Mills

After giving birth, my body did not look the same as it did. I was prepared for some changes before I became pregnant, but I wasn’t prepared to not even recognize my own body. I wasn’t prepared to not feel comfortable in my own skin, to not feel like myself. I feel as though my self-esteem was thrown out a window, and run over by a semi-truck. I am absolutely in love with being a mother, and what I was able to accomplish while going through labor, but as I look at my physical self, not so in love. …

Postpartum anxiety.

Motherhood is an extraordinary experience. I became a mother at 21 years old. Having 5 younger siblings I figured I knew what it took to be a mother. Turns out my knowledge only scratched the surface. I knew that I would have to get up every 2–3 hours to feed a newborn, I knew how to burp a newborn, I knew how to change a diaper. …

Julie Callahan

Freelance writer

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